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Report irregularities – whistleblowing

Report irregularities

Swedavia strives to maintain an open business climate and high business ethical standards. In our business, we protect the safety of and respect for everyone affected by our operations. Our values and business ethical guidelines provide guidance on how we conduct business and create long-term, sustainable profits. Swedavia’s reporting channel (whistleblower function) also gives external stakeholders an opportunity, in a work-related context, to report information about irregularities that there is a public interest in that they come to light.

To ensure your anonymity, the reporting channel is provided by WhistleB Whistleblowing Centre, an external, independent party. The reporting can be oral or written and if you feel that you cannot be open with your information, you can also report anonymously about your concerns. The reporting channel is encrypted and protected by a password. You never need to provide your identity if you do not want to.

When can I use the whistleblower function?

The whistleblower function may only be used to report irregularities, in a work-related context, that there is a public interest in that they come to light. Examples of what is in the public interest, are irregularities in areas that are of importance to society at large.

How to file a report

All reports received are handled confidentially by Swedavia's Ethical Council, which consists of the company's General Counsel Anna Bovaller, Internal Audit Manager Yvonne Palm and Negotiation Manager Patrik Frank. You can always contact Swedavia’s Ethical Council directly by calling or sending an e-mail to submit your report. You also have the opportunity to have a physical meeting with Swedavia’s Ethical Council.

Direct e-mail to Swedavia’s Ethical Council: etiskaradet@swedavia.se

Direct dial to Swedavia’s switchboard: 010-109 00 00.

How to use WhistleB Whistleblowing Centre's channel for anonymous reports online:

Click here to file your report.

Enter Swedavia's company code: swedavia

You file a report by following the instructions in the form. When you submit your report, you will receive a personal ID and password shown on the screen. Save them and keep them in a safe place.

Within seven days you will receive a confirmation that the report has been received, unless you have declined to receive a confirmation. When you have received the confirmation, you can log in to the Whistleblowing Centres external service www.whistleb.com/followup, using your personal ID, to see any follow-up questions/comments from Swedavia’s Ethical Council.

Click here to follow up on your report.

You will remain anonymous even in the continued dialogue. Once the matter has been settled, the report will be deleted.


Within three months you will receive feedback from the Ethical Council on your reporting.

Handling of personal data

The Ethical Council comply with the Law on the Protection of Persons Reporting Misconduct and the General Data Protection Regulation when handling personal data.

Other ways to submit your report

By mail:
Whistleblowing Centre
Box 70396
107 24 Stockholm
Mark the envelope with “Swedavia”.


Write "Swedavia" on the subject line.