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Welcome to commercial management at Swedavia

Sweden is the largest market, economy and tourist attraction in the Nordics, and is an attractive opportunity for both business and pleasure. As one of the most competitive, productive and globalised markets in the world, Sweden is open to international owners who want to do business in the country, as well as at Swedavia's 10 airports.

What can commercial management do for you and your company?

Do you wish to establish your company at one of Swedavia’s 10 airports? Then you can turn to us at commercial management, with the assurance that we will help you find a suitable locale for your type of business.

At commercial management, we are experts in the rental and management of commercial spaces and will guide you as the client through the entire process. After having helped find you a suitable locale, we will create a rental agreement in collaboration with you as well as other Swedavia departments. We will be close at hand throughout the entire rental period and will guide you through any potential questions or problems that might arise. We will, of course, also be at hand when or if the rental agreement comes to an end. If you should outgrow your existing locale, we will do our best to find you another more suited to the size of your company. Should you host ambitions to move your company, we have premises in several Swedish cities and could potentially help you find a locale in your new location. All in accordance with your liking, tastes, and availability.

At commercial management, we oversee all of Swedavia’s hotels, offices, lounges, storage rooms, hangars, and other miscellaneous premises at all 10 airports, from Malmö in the south to Kiruna in the north.

Interested? To find out what vacancies are possible for you to rent, fill in the form that you can find at the bottom of this page and someone from commercial management will contact you shortly.


Ansök om lokal

Three persons.

Target group with good purchasing power

A large percentage of passengers are high- and middle-income earners.


98% of Sweden's air travellers

pass through Swedavia's airports each year.

Four drop shaped points with airplanes in them.

Nationwide reach

Opportunity to advertise with a wide reach, from Kiruna in the north of Sweden to Malmö in the south.


Swedavia offers several different office solutions, with office spaces that fit everything from one person up to 500+ people. The office solutions are located at or in direct connection to an airport. Primarily, these can be found at our four largest airports: Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Bromma Stockholm Airport, Göteborg Landvetter Airport and Malmö Airport.

When renting from Swedavia, you can add several services to create a modern, professional, and working office. Examples of these are a reception service, cleaning service, conference rooms, and the order and delivery of food and snacks. This “full-service solution” cannot be had everywhere, but we offer a wide array of solutions adapted to several different companies.

We want to give you an office which you can grow in, where there are opportunities to build a network with other renters and with the possibility to create unique meeting places suited to your needs. At Swedavia, all companies are welcome, regardless of size.


Kommersiell Forvaltning Kontor TEST
illustration for future Logistics Park at Airport City Göteborg

Storage facilities

At Swedavia, we have a large quantity of storage facilities of different sizes. Primarily, these are smaller areas, between 5-30 square meters. These are usually rented to companies that already have an established business at the airport, such as shops, airlines and/or offices. In some cases, the storage facilities can be larger, between 30-2.000 square meters. These have different ceiling heights and are used to store everything from vehicles to building modules to different types of spare parts.

Regardless of what you wish to store, it is our job to find a suitable storage facility for you – big or small. We always strive to find the optimal storage facility with the best geographical advantage to suit your needs.


Swedavia offers the opportunity to run lounges at several of our airports, such as Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Bromma Stockholm Airport, Göteborg Landvetter Airport and Malmö Airport. We continuously strive to offer the optimal mix of lounges in different sizes and geographical locations, as well as lounges with a varied offer. Lounges are an important part in Swedavia’s constant work to better the experience for our travellers.

We have recently made possible the opening of a new ‘pop-up lounge’ in the F pier at Arlanda and have more exciting lounge news in the works at other airports as well.






Image of luxurious airport lounge area
An hangar on the inside


At some of our airports, we offer the rental of hangars. Examples of renters could be aviation clubs, private aviation enthusiasts and companies whose business relates to airplanes of some sort. The hangars can also be used as staging areas, as workshops, and in other similar business ventures. What these renters have in common is that they have a business that is connected to aviation in some way and that they need large storage facilities, often with a high ceiling height.

We have a limited number of hangars, but we will always do our best to accommodate your needs. Please let us know in your request whether you are in need of an entire hangar or only parts of one.

Land lease

Swedavia owns large areas of land on and around our airports. Parts of this land is available to lease. For instance, we lease cottages, land for farming, land for hunting and land plots for new developments. Most of our lands are, however, areas which Swedavia has plans to grow within, both in the short term and long term. It can also concern security areas before, after or to the side of, for instance, landing strips.

Our land areas can be found in direct connection to all of our 10 airports, but the largest areas are located by Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Bromma Stockholm Airport, Göteborg Landvetter Airport and Malmö Airport.






Landvetter Airport
interior of gym

Miscellaneous spaces

You can also rent so called miscellaneous spaces from Swedavia. These spaces can vary greatly and have very different usages. It can for instance concern staff rooms, staging areas, tech areas, gymnasiums, educational spaces, fire stations, training areas and motocross tracks. We have a large variation of spaces, so don’t hesitate to reach out even if your request is somewhat odd. We will do our utmost to see what we can do to potentially help. For us at commercial management, nearly nothing is impossible – only more or less complicated.

Good to know

Do you need to report a fault?

The easiest way of creating a fault report is through our web forms. These could concern a broken light fixture, an escalator or elevator which is not working, a broken window, or anything else that isn't working properly.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Make a fault report here

For faults which require immediate assistance, call +46 (0)10-109 66 00.

Bromma Stockholm Airport

Make a fualt report here

For faults which require immediate assistance, call +46 (0)10-109 66 00.

Göteborg Landvetter Airport

Make a fault report here

For faults which require immediate assistance, call +46 (0)10-109 33 66.

Malmö Airport

Make a fault report here

For faults which require immediate assistance, call +46 (0)10-109 62 00.

Do you need to order a new or end your parking permit?

Do you need to order a new parking permit, end your personell parking agreement or want to know more about what parking opportunities can be found at the airport?

Stockholm Arlanda Airport: Read more about parking permits here.

Bromma Stockholm Airport: Read more about parking permits here.

Göteborg Landvetter Airport: Read more about parking permits here.

Malmö Airport: Read more about parking permits here.


In order to apply for a parking permit at one of Swedavia's airports it is required to conduct business at the airport.

Do you need help with the Internet, phone service or radio?

Do you need help to set up the Internet, a phone service or radio? Swedavia Airport Telecom AB can help clients at all of Swedavia's airports.

To find out more, please contact Airport Telecom.

Phone number: +46 (0)770-111 538 (open 08.00–16:30, non-holiday weekdays)

Email: airporttelecom@swedavia.se

Or read more about Airport Telecom's products and services here.

Do you want to be visible on Swedavia's airports?

Swedavia Advertising offers a unique brand arena in an attractive and dynamic environment which has both a national and an international audience. At Swedavia's airports, there are many opportunities to create both creative and flexible solutions.

Read more about the many and flexible advertising opportunities.

Do you want to know more about Swedavia's environmental work?

Swedavia has an environmental management system that is certified under ISO 14001:2015 standards. This certificate confirms Swedavia’s systematic work with energy efficiency improvements, that we amongst other things meet both laws and other requirements as well as our own environmental goals.

What can you do to decrease your locale and property's negative effects on the environment and at the same time increase your business' positive effects on the environment? Find out here.

Swedavia's goals for waste disposal is that, amongst other things, all waste at our airports should be properly sorted. Read more here.

Would you like to know more about Swedavia's sustainability work?

Swedavia shall be a role model internationally and show that it is possible to operate fossil-free airports. We have high standards both for our own business and for our partners. Swedavia has achieved net zero carbon emissions in the airport operations under our own control. The next step is for the entire airport and all the companies and other organisations that operate there to be fossil-free, and obviously to take part in and drive the continued work to bring about the aviation industry’s climate change adaptation.

Read more about our sustainability work here.

Meet the commercial management team

We are a cheerful and knowledgeable team of circa 10 people who together form the department of commercial management. Our team consists of leasing managers, leasing administrators, and business developers. Our daily goal is to strive to make you, our renters, happy with Swedavia as landlord, to give you the best possibilities to conduct your business, and together create an invaluable flight experience for our travellers.

We are convinced that we will reach our goal through trust and cooperation.



Contact us


Vanessa Younan

Rent Administrator

Stockholm Arlanda Airport


Winda Danurwindo

Leasing Administrator

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Andreas Wallebom

Andreas Wallebom

Leasing Manager

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Sofia Grigorova

Sofia Grigorova

Leasing Manager

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Lenita Karlsson

Lenita Karlsson

Leasing Manager

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Susanne Ramstrom

Susanne Ramström

Senior Leasing Manager

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Louise Arvidsson

Louise Arvidsson

Leasing manager

Göteborg Landvetter Airport

Profilbild Thomas Åhlund.

Thomas Åhlund

Business developer energy

Stockholm Arlanda Airport


Tony Hansson

Commercial Operations Manager

Malmö Airport


Billy Ljung

Leasing Manager

Leasing and cottages International Airports


Roger Sjöstedt

Head Leasing Manager

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

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