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Airport Telecom

Swedavia Airport Telecom – Data, Telephone and Radio services

Swedavia Airport Telecom is a telecommunications operator focused mainly on services affiliated with airport operations and has locations at all of Swedavia’s airports. We deliver needs-based and packaged comprehensive telecom solutions to passengers, companies and other organisations at these airports.

Our task is to make a visit to Swedavia’s airports useful and an experience for passengers, teleoperators and companies. As our customer, you have access to telecom and data services in as well as specialist know-how about the airport environment. Combined with a well-developed infrastructure, this creates a unique mix that provides you with the right high-quality solutions.

When you are our customer, you will have a supplier with many years of telecom experience. You can be sure you will have committed people who work to ensure you get an optimal high-quality technical solution.

By focusing on airport solutions, Swedavia Airport Telecom is positioned as the telecom operator with an undivided focus on operations and companies affiliated with Swedish airports. Our business is based on passenger flow and has future-safe platforms for telephony and data that are “airport secured”.

Customer contact Telecom

E-mail: airporttelecom@swedavia.se
Telephone: +4(0)770 11 15 38


Radio services

Airport Radio

Airport Radio is a new TETRA-based radio communication service that makes your company's processes more efficient. Radio communication is the fastest and cheapest tool for communicating with others. You can communicate quickly and efficiently with people in your conversation group, switch easily to another group and create scanning lists for people who need an overview of several groups at the same time. With Airport Radio, your organisation can improve the efficiency of its processes by using the functions with the TETRA standard, such as text messages (SMS), status messages and call back requests.


Data communication services


AT-net is an optic fibre network that delivers the basic services Internet Access, IP-VPN, E-VPN and LAN access port at all Swedavia’s airports. Services are provided through a high-speed, robust network with low delay and the option of a scalable SLA, "SLA per port". AT-net is monitored around the clock 365 days a year. 

Internet access

Swedavia Internet Access offers an Internet connection with high capacity and dedicated broadband with the qualities needed so you can be continually connected to your customers, business partners and cloud services. This service offers different SLA levels, optimal performance and scalability as well as the supplementary option of customised security services. A short delivery time is included, with the supplementary option of express delivery. 


IP VPN is provided so you can connect your local networks between the different airports. Your VLAN is connected between airports into a single IP VPN. The IP VPN Access service is provided for each airport that will be connected to your network, with capacity based on your needs. This service is delivered locally to the airport via an access port available through the LAN access port service. 

Ethernet VPN

Ethernet VPN, E-VPN, is a Level-2 transport service for your networks between airports. E-VPN is provided to customers who want to administer their networks themselves. Delivery is per airport with the capacity desired.

LAN access port 

We offer a local network at all Swedavia airports. The LAN access port service connects clients to the local network in the customer's own virtual LAN, or VLAN. The service is an appropriate solution when a company or other organisation has a number of clients that it wants connected in its own local network. The local network connects the different access ports in the customer's network which can extend all across Swedavia's airports. A LAN access port is available with customised service levels. The service is offered with a short delivery time, with the option of express delivery.  


Telephone services


With AT-voice, you can sign up for a subscription plan for mobile or landline phones as part of the telephone service offered by Swedavia Airport Telecom. There is no charge for traffic when you call anyone in your company. You get access to group functions with queue management, menu options, scheduling control, redirection of calls and the option of seeing your colleagues' availability status. It is easy for you to handle your telephony options via a mobile, PC or Mac using an app. You can also sign up for stand-alone mobile service.

Operator assistance 

An AT-voice subscription plan includes the option of operator assistance. We provide prompt service to customers that call you and connect them to the right person. We answer questions, for instance, about the situation at the airport or basic standard questions about your company, and also take messages.


Passive network services


Optic fibre is the communication medium of the future since it is completely robust and can withstand external disturbances. Rent a fibre connection in Swedavia’s extensive fibre network for services that require broadband and a high level of security. 


Swedavia Airport Telecom has a great deal of experience in copper services. We have a wide-ranging network that covers the entire airport area. We have copper services suitable for both telecom and data traffic.

Technical room assistance

Technical room assistance solves the problem in cases where the customer’s own employees are not available, lack access, cannot locate a specific technical room, do not have visitor rights or do not have a tool permit. Is available around the clock if you need access to the technical rooms at Swedavia’s airports. An escort accompanies you throughout your visit and can also help you with basic tasks if necessary.  

Placement in tele room/data room/co-location/base station

Active customer equipment often needs to be located at the airport. We have different solutions for this need and can provide maintenance support with a very high degree of access.


As a company or mobile teleoperator, you are provided roaming services in our WLAN, which is available at all Swedavia airports.