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Here, we have gathered information for you who wants to travel to or from the airport by taxi.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find a taxi at the airport?

Taxis are located just outside the arrival hall.

Does taxi have free price setting?

Free price setting applies to taxi rides in Sweden since the taxi market is deregulated. Choose the company and car that best suits you, you do not need to take the car that is first in line.

How can I compare taxi prices?

All taxi companies must state comparative prices for all types of journey. The comparative price is always calculated on a so-called typical journey with a distance of 10 kilometres that takes 15 minutes. The comparative price is stated in large black digits on a yellow background. The highest comparative price applied by the taxi car shall also be stated with extra large digits.

Can I get a fixed price?

Always ask if the taxi company applies fixed prices. If you have received a fixed price, it should be entered and visible in the taxi meter before your journey starts. The taxi meter must be activated throughout your journey.

What type of receipt should I get when paying with card?

If you are paying by card you should receive both a delivery note for the card amount, and a receipt from the taxi meter.

Why do I need a taxi meter receipt?

Ensure that you receive a taxi meter receipt at the end of your trip.The receipt is to state the car registration number together with details about the taxi company and driver, for example, the driver code present on the taxi driver identity card.

Do I need to save my receipt?

Save your receipt, it is required if you have forgotten something in the car, or if you make a complaint against your journey. First contact the taxi company.

The Swedish Transport Agency is the supervisory authority for taxis and is responsible for taxi permits in Sweden.