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You can choose between high-speed trains, long-distance trains and commuter trains when you travel to and from Stockholm Arlanda.

Due to track work, there are deviations in the train service to and from Arlanda. Always check with your train company for current traffic information.



Arlanda Express

Where at the airport does Arlanda Express stop?

Arlanda Express stops at two stations at Stockholm Arlanda Airport: Arlanda South (Terminal 2, 3 and 4) and Arlanda North (Terminal 5).

On the site for departures you can see which terminal your flight leaves from.

How long time does Arlanda Express take?

Arlanda Express is a non-stop train between Stockholm Central Station och Stockholm Arlanda Airport and takes 18 minutes.

Where can I buy tickets för Arlanda Express?

If you're travelling from Stockholm Central Station you can buy tickets for Arlanda Express at the manned counters or at the self-service machines.

If you're travelling from Stockholm Arlanda Airport you can buy tickets for Arlanda Express at the airport's information desks (only card payment) or at the self-service machines located by the escalators/lifts leading down to the train.

You can also buy tickets in the Arlanda Express app.

Can I travel between Arlanda South and Arlanda North?

Yes, you can use Arlanda Express to move between the terminals (outside security) at Arlanda South and Arlanda North. The trip is free of charge and takes only a minute.

Commuter trains

Where does the commuter train stop?

SL's commuter trains to Stockholm and Uppsala stop at Arlanda Central Station, which is located in SkyCity between terminal 4 and 5.

Please note that SL's commuter trains are currently not stopping at Arlanda Central Station due to railway work after the derailment this summer. To travel with SL commuter train, you first have to take a SL bus from SkyCity to Märsta Station.

How long is the travel time with the commuter train?

The trip between Arlanda Central Station and Stockholm Central Station takes 38 minutes.

The trip between Arlanda Central Station and Uppsala Central Station takes 18 minutes.

Where can I buy tickets for the commuter train?

You can buy tickets for the commuter train from SL's and UL's ordinary sales points, at the information desk in the arrival hall in Terminal 5 and at Arlanda Central Station.

Where can I find a timetable and other information?

Visit SL's or UL's websites to find timetables and other information.

SL's website.
UL's website.

Long-distance trains

Which long-distance trains stop at the airport?

Every day you can choose among 60 long-distance trains to and from Arlanda Central station in SkyCity eather with SJ or Vy Tåg.

Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets for SJ via their website. Tickets for Vy Tåg can be purchased via their website.

Where can I find timetables or other information?

Visit SJ's and Vy Tåg's websites to find timetables and other information. You can also find timetables for SJ at the self-service machines at Arlanda Central Station in SkyCity.

SJ's website.
Vy Tågs website.

Station access fee

How much is the station access fee?

Train passengers who get on and off at Arlanda Central station pay an access fee of 130 SEK. 

How do I pay the station access fee?

If the station access fee isn't included in your fare, you can pay at the station counter in SkyCity.

Why do I have to pay a station access fee?

The access fee is linked to the use of the station and the railway and how they were funded when they were built in the 1990s.