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Nominate to Welcome to my hometown

You can send in a suggestion here for someone you would like to see in the Welcome to my Hometown exhibition at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

What are the criteria for being included?

We have chosen to showcase the people contributing to Stockholm's strengths to greet travellers arriving in our capital. These are people who make the city and the region what they are, and the exhibition provides a more personal welcome. The idea is to create a pleasant atmosphere and a nice start to people's visit to Stockholm as well as provide a welcome to travellers returning home.

The selection of participants is based on a mix of people who either were born or work in Stockholm in fields such as sport, design, architecture, art, fashion, beauty, culture, entertainment, music, business and entrepreneurship. The selection is intended to reflect current trends and interests.


Thank you for your proposal and motivation for new participants in Stockholm Arlanda Airports Welcome to my hometown exhibition.