Check-in at the airport

All passengers must check in in order to receive a boarding card which gives you access to the aircraft – even if you are only taking hand baggage on board with you.

You can check in on your mobile phone or computer, at an automated check-in machine or check-in counter. If you are checking in via mobile or computer and wish to check in your baggage, you need to print the baggage tags at a self-service machine at the airport.

How far in advance do you need to check in?

Airlines have different recommendations for when you need to check in. So contact your airline to see what the case is for your flight.

Here are all the airlines at Åre Östersund Airport.

ID or passport

Also keep in mind that you must be prepared to verify your identity so take an ID or passport, depending on where you’re travelling.

Self-service step by step

Enter your booking reference on the touch screen and follow the instructions.

Your boarding card and baggage tag(s) are printed once you’re done.

Attach a baggage tag to all bags. Attach it to the bag handle with the bar code facing outward. Don’t forget to save the baggage receipt.

Drop your baggage off at the bag drop counter. Scan the baggage tag and follow the instructions on the screen. Once check-in is completed, the baggage is placed on the conveyor belt and you get confirmation on the screen.

Self Bagdrop

With the Self Bagdrop, you check in your baggage yourself quickly and easily.


  1. Place your bag on the conveyor belt (one bag at a time).
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen. Start to scan your baggage tag. 
  3. Wait until you see that the bag is carried along on the conveyor belt.
  4. Once check-in is complete you get a confirmation on the screen.
  5. Now you are ready for the security check.

Special baggage, such as golf equipment or a pram (baby carriage), cannot be checked in at the Self Bagdrop. You should instead go to a staffed check-in counter.