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Bus service

Here, we have gathered information for you who wants to travel to and from the airport by bus.

Frequently asked questions

Which bus can I take from the airport to central Östersund?

VY Airport Coaches take you from Åre Östersund Airport to central Östersund. The trip from the airport to central Östersund takes about 15–20 minutes.

Buy your tickets on VY's website.

What timetable does the airport coach follow?

The airport coach service is adapted to the scheduled air traffic arrivals and departures. Normally, airport coaches run for all departures from/arrivals at Stockholm. Cancelled flights mean cancelled bus service. In the event of unforeseen changes in air traffic, bus times may also be affected.

From the airport: The bus leaves for Östersund about 10–15 minutes after the aircraft arrives.

See more information on VY's website.

Where do I find the airport coach bus stop?

The airport bus is located to the left of the bus depot in front of the terminal, Stand 1.

Is there a transfer bus to Åre?

There is currently no daily transfer to Åre. However, you can prebook a transfer through Flygtaxi website.

Is there a bus transfer to Vemdalen?

During the ski season, you can book a transfer to Vemdalen from Åre Östersund Airport. Book your transfer here.

Can I take a bus to other places in the region?

Take the Airport Coach to the bus stop at Gustav III's torg (Gustav III's Square) in central Östersund. From there, you can take regional bus connections.

For information on how to purchase tickets or to see timetables, visit  Länstrafiken Jämtlands website.