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Travelling with pets

When you want to travel with a pet, please contact your airline or tour operator for further information about what rules and regulations apply.

Let them know when you book your trip that you want to bring your pet with you since, as a rule, a limited number of pets are allowed on board. Airlines usually charge an additional fee for your pet.

Larger pets can sometimes be transported as air cargo in accordance with special regulations. Contact your airline to learn about their rules and fees.

If you are travelling abroad with a pet, it is important that you check what regulations apply for bringing a pet into the country you are travelling to.

If you are bringing a pet into Sweden, you may need to make preparations well in advance before your pet can travel. Check before you book.

Pets travelling with their owner must remain in their travel crate or carrier for infection control reasons until they pass through Customs clearance and are authorised entry.

Learn more in the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s travel guide for dogs and cats.

If you are picking someone up or dropping someone off at the airport, you are allowed to bring your pet into the terminal building.

Dogs at the airport: Your dog must be on a lead until you board the aircraft and is not allowed to meet other animals in the terminal. This applies to all pets, both those flying domestically and internationally.

You will find all the airlines and their contact details here.