Only environmentally-friendly "ecotaxis" may operate from Bromma Stockholm – this is an important part of the airport's continuous environmental work.

Taxis are available right outside the terminals. Only taxis that have an agreement with Bromma Stockholm Airport are at the taxi stand. Taxi stand officers are available, and you can contact them if you would like a particular taxi company or if you have a question.

  • Taxi prices are not regulated in Sweden since the taxi market has been deregulated. Choose the company that best suits you – you do not need to take the first car in the taxi queue.  

  • All taxi companies must provide comparative prices for all types of journeys. The comparative price is always calculated based on a “typical” journey of 10 kilometres which takes 15 minutes. The comparative price is indicated in large black numbers at the bottom of the yellow rectangle. The highest comparative price applied by the taxi vehicle must also be indicated in extra large numbers.

  • Always ask the taxi driver if the taxi company uses fixed prices. If you have been given a fixed price, it should be entered in the taxi meter and visible before the start of the journey, and the taxi meter must always be activated during the journey.

  • If you pay by credit/debit card and the taxi has a portable card reader, you should receive a receipt for the amount charged to the card as well as a receipt from the taxi meter.  

  • Make sure you get a taxi meter receipt after you complete your journey. The receipt includes the car’s registration number as well as information about the taxi company and the driver, for instance, the driver ID found on the taxi driver’s identity card.

  • Save the receipt – you will need it if you leave something in the car or if you need to be reimbursed for your journey. Contact the taxi company’s switchboard first in that case.

Airport taxis

Flygtaxi airport taxis are booked at the same time as your flight tickets. Report your arrival at the information desk to get your prebooked taxi to the left outside the terminal exit.

Wheelchair-accessible taxis

It is possible to order taxis to and from Bromma Stockholm Airport that are accessible to people with reduced mobility. If you have a Färdtjänst mobility card in Stockholm, contact Färdtjänst and book transport in the usual way. If you do not have a Färdtjänst card, contact the taxi stand officer outside the terminal, who will call for a suitable vehicle.

The Swedish Transport Authority is the government agency that authorises and monitors taxis in Sweden.