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Bromma Stockholm Airport has invested in a facility for people who want to cycle to get to the airport. It is convenient to cycle to the airport and the bicycle parking makes it even easier if you are cycling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a bicycle parking facility at the airport?

The bicycle parking facility, with room for 84 bicycles protected under a roof, is located right near the terminal entrance. The facility provides secure structures that people can lock their bicycles to.

How long does it take to cycle to the airport?

The airport is about 9 kilometres from central Stockholm, and it takes about 30 minutes to cycle here.

Why should I cycle to the airport?

Not only is cycling easy – it’s also a more sustainable way of getting to the airport. Sustainability is an explicit and important part of the work for Bromma Stockholm and all of Swedavia – the airport company that has come farthest in the world in its work to develop climate-smart airports according to international industry standards.