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On this site, you'll find what options are available to you if you wish to take the bus to and from Malmö Airport.

VY Airport Coaches

Which route does VY Airport Coaches have?

VY Airport Coaches route is Malmö-Malmö Airport.

Buss Bogdan Skåne

Which route does Buss Bogdan Skåne have?

Buss Bogdan Skåne route is Lund C-Malmö Airport.


What is Neptunbus?

Neptunbus is a transfer bus for all of Wizz Air’s departures and arrivals.

Which route does Neptunbus have?

Neptunbus offers three or four daily departures every day of the week to/from Copenhagen. For a more thorough timetable, see Neptunbus' website.

Where do I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets on Neptunbus' website. Please note that you must book your ticket at least three days before you intend to take the bus.