Questions and answers about TransQ

Here are the answers to the most common questions about the qualification system TransQ.

What is TransQ?

TransQ is a trade network and qualification system for the transport sector in the Nordic countries. It is used by buyers to obtain accurate, up-to-date supplier information and to improve the efficiency of purchasing operations and procurement that complies with the Swedish Act on Public Procurement of Water, Energy, Transport and Postal Services (LUF). With more than 2,450 qualified suppliers in a wide range of products and services, TransQ makes it possible to choose a supplier in a fair, open and transparent manner. This helps simplify the procurement process, which also creates potential business for both buyers and suppliers.

What is Achilles?

Achilles helps organisations reduce their risks, costs and time spent on procurement and the monitoring of suppliers. The company gathers supplier information and ensures its accuracy as well as conducts thousands of audits each year in order to provide buyers with reliable supplier information. Achilles owns and operates TransQ.

Why is Swedavia part of TransQ?

Swedavia AB joined TransQ to make the procurement process more efficient and to share its supplier base with other procurement organisations in TransQ. That also means better control and oversight of supplier information, such as key financial data, organisational matters, sustainability issues, environment, quality and so on.

Why should I, as a supplier, use TransQ?

TransQ is an opportunity for your company to make itself more visible when buyers select suppliers in their procurement process. By qualifying for TransQ you can:

  • Create new business opportunities. Showcase your products and services for almost 500 individual buyers from twelve organisations. Being seen and searchable in TransQ, even if the call for tenders was not advertised.
  • Increase trustworthiness. By qualifying in TransQ, you can easily demonstrate that your company complies with sector requirements.
  • Reduce overhead. You only need to provide your company's information once to be seen by a number of purchasing organisations in the Nordic transport sector. Buyers can search for and find your information in TransQ at any time during the procurement process.
  • Gain competitive advantages. With TransQ, you position your company and gain visibility with all the major purchasing organisations in the transport sector. With TransQ's audit programme, you have potential to highlight your company's strengths and further improve trustworthiness.

What does it cost to register in TransQ?

TransQ entails an annual administrative fee that is based on the number of product and service codes. Being a qualified supplier in TransQ means being seen as a supplier not just to Swedavia but to the other purchasing organisations in TransQ as well, such as the Swedish Transport Administration, the Stockholm commuter transport provider SL, the Norwegian airport express rail service Flytoget, the Danish rail service DSB, the Norwegian National Rail Administration and others.

Number of codes Fee Fee including 25% VAT
1-3 SEK 4,900 6 125 SEK
4-8 SEK 5,900 7 375 SEK
9-19 SEK 6,900 8 625 SEK
>20 SEK 9,900 12 375 SEK


How does it work?

After you qualify as a supplier in TransQ, your information will be available to all buyers at Swedavia and in TransQ. Buyers can search using different search criteria, such as product and service codes, key financial data, and health, safety and quality standards in order to identify suitable suppliers for all kinds of procurement. As a result, the buyer gets a list of suppliers that meet specific criteria. The list may be used either as a final list tenders or as an initial selection prior to further examination.

Do Swedavia's framework suppliers need to join?

All suppliers that want to be included in future and submit tenders under Swedavia's procurement process need to join TransQ. Swedavia's current agreements are not affected, but in new procurement for these framework agreements, current framework agreement suppliers also need to qualify for the shared base of suppliers.

Do Swedavia suppliers who are already in TransQ need to requalify?

If a Swedavia supplier is already qualified in TransQ at the request of the Swedish Transport Administration, the Norwegian National Rail Administration or another purchasing organisation that uses TransQ, the supplier does not need to take any measures. That company's previous qualification for TransQ is also valid for Swedavia.

How long is qualification valid?

Qualification in TransQ is valid for up to 12 months and must be updated before the end of the period. The supplier can update the information at any time by ordering a partial update.

What do I do if I have forgotten my TransQ password?

Contact TransQ's administration by e-mail:

Can the supplier see tenders that are coming up?

TransQ is a supplier register that is used by buyers in the transport sector in their search for potential suppliers. Tenders and advertisements are not published in TransQ.

Who can see the supplier information?

Only buyers who have access to TransQ's search programme can see it. Supplier information cannot be seen by other suppliers.

Can the supplier see search statistics?

Only buyers who have access to the search programme can see search statistics. Suppliers cannot see how many times a search was done on them or by which companies.

As a Swedavia supplier, do I need to join TransQ if I have already qualified in other Achilles networks?

Achilles administers different networks for different sectors. Joining one network does not entail qualification for all the networks.