Environmental governance

All of Swedavia's airports are certified at the highest level of the Airport Council International Europe's standards for the climate work of airports.


All of Swedavia’s airports are certified at the highest level of the Airport Council International Europe’s standards for the climate work of airports.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport was the first airport in the world to receive the highest level of certification. Certification means that all of Swedavia’s airports continuously reduce fossil carbon dioxide emissions from their operations, that they help other operations at the airports to reduce their emissions and that Swedavia offsets the emissions it has not yet reduced.

You can read more about the ACA certification programme here.

Environmental permits

In order to conduct airport operations, an environmental permit is required under Swedish environmental law.

The Swedish Environmental Code regulates what operations require a permit. The Swedish Land and Environmental Court for each region handles environmental permit applications. Mandatory documents for an application include an environmental impact assessment, technical descriptions and a complete account of the entire consultation process carried out within the framework for the application.

The environmental permit regulates where operations may be carried out to minimise the adverse effect on human health and the environment. A permit specifies, among other conditions, to what extent operations are allowed as well as what safeguards and protective measures need to be implemented.

Environmental management

Swedavia has an environmental management system certified in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

With structured work that always leads to continuous improvements, Swedavia works daily to reduce our environmental impact. Swedavia has proactive, innovative environmental work, which is reflected in our ambitious environmental objectives. A certified environmental management system is confirmation of Swedavia's role as a sustainable airport group and of the fact that we include all our operations in this work.

Management System Certificate, pdf
Environmental and energy policy, pdf

Energy management

Swedavia has an energy management system that is certified under ISO 50 001:2011.

Our ambitious energy objective sets the direction for this work. With the company's systematic work with energy efficiency improvements, which includes the entire organisation, Swedavia reduces its resource use and climate impact, which lowers energy costs. A certified energy management system is proof that our work is systematic and reviewed by an external party.

Management System Certificate, pdf